California Chicken Cafe
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Chinese Chicken Salad

2013 Zagat Guide
"Juicy chicken hot off the rotisserie" is key to this "remarkably consistent" American chain offering a "healthy fast-food alternative" with a "bargain" menu of "extra-large, fresh" salads (Chinese chicken "lives up to the hype"), wraps and veggie sides; the "plain" surroundings become a "zoo" at "peak times", but at least the "efficient" counter staff gets you in and out "quickly."

2012 Zagat Guide
No, "it's not Spago", but this "healthy" "fast-food" chain is cherished by many for its "moist, fall-apart tender" rotisserie chicken offering "good cluck for the buck". "Quick" service that's "perfect for takeout."

2011 Zagat Guide
"There must be “Prozac in the chicken” at this “healthy” “fast-food alternative” chain, because its “quick”, “satisfying”, “fresh-off-the-spit” rotisserie birds – plus “standout” wraps and “generously portioned” salads – have surveyors seriously “happy”; factor in “really affordable prices”, and no wonder its “cafeteria”-like setups are “jammed” and “noisy” at lunchtime, with “blue and white collars” dining “elbow to elbow”; P.S. closed on Sunday, except for the Venice location."

2010 Zagat Guide
"Kenny Rogers ain't got nothing on them" boast boosters of this rotisserie mini-chain "cranking out" "flavorful" chicken, "massive" salads and other "reasonably healthy" eats like whole-wheat wraps in bright, "cafeteria"-like settings; "economical" pricing increases the appeal, and "lazy" Angelenos insist it's a "no-brainer" for the "midweek" "I-don't-want-to-cook kind of night."

2009 Zagat Guide
Devotees of this “healthy” “fast-food” chain cluck over the “succulent”, “crisp” rotisserie chicken that’s “light on the waist” but “fills the belly” without “depleting the wallet”; its “fresh”, “quick” salads and sides also satisfy vegetarians, but be warned that it can be a “mad house at lunch”; P.S. lots of “pumped-up”, “post-workout Gold’s Gym” hardbodies make the Venice branch extra buff.

2008 Zagat Guide
“We call it “Chinese Chicken Cafe” after its signature salad – “tangy” with “tender” and “crispy” rotisserie-cooked meat – crow customers of this “bargain” American chain that also serves up “fresh”, “fantastic wraps” for a “packed” crowd of “fit people” ordering from the “efficient” counter; most maintain it’s “fast-food heaven.”

2007 Zagat Guide
“Why aren’t there more of these?” wonder devotees of this quick-service American chain slinging “juicy” rotisserie chicken “hot right out of the oven”, plus “filling wraps”, “crisp salads” and “great butternut squash”; it’s “the future of fast healthy food” to fans, and it “won’t break the bank” to boot, but the frustrated find them “as crowded as the DMV” (“insiders know to call in their order”).

2006 Zagat Guide
“Worshippers” grovel at the “righteous rotisserie” of this fiendishly popular mini-chain, braving a “madhouse atmosphere” for the “best Chinese chicken salad in town” and for other “low-fat, low-priced” poultry and American sides that are ideal “for takeout after a long day at the office” or “for people who don’t want to cook”; there’s “absolutely no decor” and the lines can be “long”, so “call in your order ahead of time” to get in and out faster.

2005 Zagat Guide
Perhaps the “most delicious chicken you’ll ever have for under $10” is served at this mini-chain supplying roasted, wrapped and salad versions of the bird along with “amazing”, “wholesome” sides like butternut squash and “great vegetarian choices”; the digs are “utilitarian” and “crowded” at lunch, but the “fast” service makes it “better for takeout.”

2004 Zagat Guide
The bird is the word at this “inexpensive” chicken chain that “blows away pretenders” with “fresh, healthy” poultry dishes, from “perfect rotisserie chicken” to some of the “biggest wraps” around, and a “nice ranges of sides”; “long lines” and “noisy, crowded” rooms contribute to make it a “great take-out” choice of many.

2003 Zagat Guide
“Long lines” and “cafeteria-style décor” “be damned” because this “cheap” outfit “for the no-carb set” is one of “the best chicken chains” in town, serving up “awesome Chinese and Caesar salad” versions, a “fantastic rotisserie” number, “hard-to-beat wraps” and a “wide variety of sides”; in sum, “a perfect weekday dinner”, if you “call ahead.”

2002 Zagat Guide
“Freshly cooked”, “cheap”, “yummy” dishes earn approving clucks for this “always crowded”, “healthy fast-food” poultry concept; “cute guys, girls and cops” all perch here for “quick” meals of “excellent” Chinese chicken salad, “heavenly”, “juicy” rotisserie chicken and “good wraps”, along with “lots of choices for sides.”

2001 Zagat Guide
If it clucks, they serve it at this “always crowded”, kind of “healthy” chicken chain that garners much praise for its “reliable” “short-order” dishes – the “best” roasted chicken, Chinese chicken salad, chicken burritos, chicken wraps, chicken pasta, etc.; another reason to go: “Cameron Diaz eats here.”

2000 Zagat Guide
A “fresh”, “quick” and “reasonable” fowl concept that’s home to enough chicken dishes to give the Colonel pause: “awesome chicken Caesar”, “an indulgence of Chinese chicken salad”, “best rotisserie chicken”, “great chicken wraps”, etc.; the “loud”, “sterile” settings prompt many to “take out and be happy.”

1999 Zagat Guide
This “perfect and cheap” fowl concept is home to many dishes of the chicken persuasion: “chicken Caesar salad to die for”, the “best rotisserie chicken”, “great Chinese chicken salad”, chicken wraps that “rock” and so forth; there’s “always a line” but not for the setting – “décor? what décor?”